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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to our PatchedGames. Our site is created to provide you Tips and Tricks about the Mobile Games.In some of the steps our Website might ask you to provide your identification or G-Mail address for security purpose or for updating you of our Website new Content.You believe in us and provide you necessary Privacy and your Privacy is essential for us and we try our best to secure your information through our Privacy Policy.

We only request your Privacy(Information) which are necessary for our website or for some purpose.We don’t disclose your privacy to any other third party system.We create various polices for recording your Privacy and securing it as well.

Our website will always be clear with you and we won’t trouble you by requesting unnecessary information.The data that you provide to us are for accomplishing certain policies and purposes.

What do we do with your information ?

Well,there are various ways that we collect your information.While purchasing something from our site,signing up for our newsletter,unlocking the content,surfing the website and using certain features your information is collected by us and we use the information for :

  • To inform the subscribed user the update our website.
  • To acknowledge you with our New Post.
  • To improve the site’s features.
  • To deliver the type of service that you are interesting in.


Cookies can be define as a small file that are send by web services to you through Browser to your computer Hardware for your better experience visiting second time.Well,it is not necessary to allow cookies to work for you and our we server also doesn’t forces you.You can disallow it as well when it pops up but some of the functions may get affected by disallowing cookies.

Outbound Links ( Links to Other Sites )

For making you understand clearly about certain topics,We might have kept several outbound links which will help us to make you understand more.When you visit other’s site through our site,we are not responsible for any of the information that you provide to that site.We don’t have access/control over that site.So when you exit our site and go to other site (through our Website) ,the information/privacy you provide to them are not recorded by us.

And finally the information in our website shall not be distributed for personal/commercial use without giving any credit links.Please don’t violate our privacy.

In the other hand,some of the images that we used in our website for better understanding mayn’t be owned by us.And we hope that we aren’t violating and using other people Links/property.And if you find it happening than you can contact us about the topic and we will remove it or use credit links.

If you have any questions regarding our Policy than you can contact us .