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Terms of Service

For using our Website,you should accept some terms and conditions.If you disagree in following some terms and services than you shouldn’t use our website.Any of the user are not allowed to violate any Policies of our Website.The website is operated and owned by PatchedGames.

Before using any part of our Website you accept to be bound with our Terms and Conditions of this agreement.The website is only allowed by a user who is 13 years or above.

The subject,Post,materials and other property used in this website are owned and are reserved.If you download the post,pages or any other materials of the site than it is for personal purpose only.It is highly prohibited to republish the post or the page in any media sources including by printing and republishing to another website.You must not use the property of the website for commercial purpose.

You are not allowed to recreate,edit,duplicate or modifying any part of this website.You mustn’t use the content(Materials) of this site for illegal,harmful purposes.If you have post any blog/article in this site than you must look after it.Author will be responsible for anything that happens to his/her post. None of the people are allowed to post blog related to illegal and frauds or pornographic activities.

User Content should be clear to the traffic and the content mustn’t contain any sort of virus or malware which would affect the traffic.It is strictly restricted and if found so,a strict action will be taken against that content Publisher.

Some of the parts of the website aren’t allowed to be visited by custom Visitors.

The question which is not related to the content and the website are not allowed to ask and the content owner will not be responsible for providing misleading information.The topic(Legal,Financial or other terms) should be asked to the topic’s professional.If the website found spam or other misleading content that violates the policy and terms of the website than the related content will be removed immediately and serious action will be taken by the community according to Law(Policy).

If you have some Problems than you can contact us through http://www.patchedgames.com/contact-us/